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L'Eagle Concentrates 

At L’Eagle we sell a wide variety of top-quality concentrates – focused on purity and potency – all made with our own 100% organic flowers…

Processed - Cannabis that has been altered from its original state.

Unprocessed - The Cannabis Flower.

Solventless concentrate - Any Concentrated form of cannabis created without the use of solvents ( Heat, Pressure, water,) (Kief, Rosin, Bubble hash).

Solvent extracted concentrate - Any concentrated form of cannabis created with the use of solvents Butane, Propane, Co2, Ethanol.

At L’Eagle we provide consumers with the best and cleanest products on the market. Our plants are grown in the ONLY indoor facility certified by a third party as organic! Our concentrates are made by processing only this Clean Green Certified L’Eagle flower. Concentrates are a great way to experience high-potency THC. Whether you’re dabbing, vaping or adding to a bowl, we have a concentrate type for all consumers. Our dedication to purity means that most products we sell are unique to L’Eagle and cannot be found at any other dispensary!

Lucky Turtle Vape

We recently began working with Lucky Turtle to bring consumers a CO2 extracted cartridge with our L’Eagle flower. We offer a variety of options of strain specific cartridges. Unlike most CO2 extracted cartridges on the market, Lucky Turtle has focused on providing an in-depth terpene experience without breaking your bank. These cartridges are extracted with “winterized” CO2 oil, meaning ethanol has been introduced to stabilize and refine the oil. The cannabis terpenes are extracted first and then re-introduced to the THC oil at a proprietary ratio. It produces a very smooth and flavorful oil that has many similarities to live resin.

Green Dot Vape

L’Eagle recently worked with Green Dot to provide the Recreational market with a Live Resin Sauce Pen with our very own Clean Green Cannabis! This is the first of its kind on the recreational side and we are pleased to be the ones rolling this out. These pens are much different than your usual cartridge because they contain pure, uncut live resin extracted from whole plants. These cartridges are 500mg and have an outstanding terpene profile.

We also carry cartridges from Green Dot that are made with their flower. although they do not have the Clean Green Certification as we do, they do adhere to many of the same standards providing more strain options for our clientele.

Ascend Cartridge (not our flower)

What sets the Ascend cartridges apart is their use of full cannabinoid profiles, which are closer to what you would find in the cannabis plant as opposed to THC alone. In these carts you will find a variety of cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, and even THCv. They also use a special blend of terpenes to provide more effect specific cartridges such as Activate, Relieve and Relax. They also offer High Terpene Extract cartridges which are similar to a Live Resin. These will be strain specific and pretty much as close to the flower as you can find in a cartridge. The raw cannabis is extracted using CO2, washed with ethanol and then distilled into its most authentic form using heat and pressure. The result is a very pure and clear oil, completely free of any contaminants like fats and lipids or residual solvents.


As a small business, we are fortunate enough to have found businesses with like minded values. We take pride in the quality of our products and the relationships we have built working with respected partners.

Respected extractors L’Eagle works with:

  • Happy Camper - Wax/shatter
  • Green Dot - Live Resin
  • Lucky Turtle - CO2 Carts
  • Colorado Cannabis Company - C02 Carts